Information System Programme

Welcome to the official website of Information Systems Study Program, Faculty of Computer Science (formerly, the Program of Information Technology Computer Science), University of Brawijaya. 

Along with the rapid development of computer technology, the Information Systems study program is directed at the mastery of knowledge and skills that are based on the ability to understand, analyze, assess, design, build, implement, and evaluate computer-based information systems.

Information Systems is a field of study that includes theory and practice relating to (1) information that can be provided by a computer system to assist organizations in defining and achieving its goals, and (2) organizational processes that can be implemented or improved by utilizing information technology. Information Systems specialists focus on the integration of information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of the organization in achieving its objectives effectively and efficiently. Therefore, they should be able to analyze information needs and business processes within the organization and to specify, acquire, or design information systems based on information technology, consistent with the goals and values ??of the organization.

The Information Systems study program aims to meet the demands of professional human resources in the field of Information Systems. To bridge the gap between industry and academia, this program formulates a competency-based curriculum, which includes core courses that characterize Information Systems discipline and competencies, as well as supporting courses addressing local needs and wisdom. It is hopeful that this program can help students become competent graduates who can work professionally and contribute to the betterment of society.

In achieving its objectives, the Information Systems study program has some vision and missions that are aligned with those of the Faculty of Computer Science (formerly, Program of Information Technology and Computer Science), University of Brawijaya.