Rules and Regulations

In the implementation of the course in Information Systems Studies Program Program Information Technology and Computer Science University of Brawijaya (UB PTIIK), students are required to comply with all the provisions as follows:


Every Student Information System Studies Program are required to: 

  • Uphold and maintain the good name alma mater. 
  • Placing themselves well in a family atmosphere alma mater and be polite to fellow students, leaders, lecturers, assistants and employees. 
  • During his time on campus wearing identification (student card) which have been issued university and polite and neatly dressed, and impressive formal, either at the time following the intra-curricular activities and extra-curricular. 
  • Keeping and maintaining buildings / page and other scientific equipment belonging to the institution. 
  • Immediate Reporting keapa security unit / unit, in the event of damage or loss of goods / equipment belonging to the institution due to negligence / fault of his own cause, or loss of goods / the tool. 
  • Do not put up posters / announcements without permission human / unit leader / faculty / courses / programs and student organizations. 
  • Not conducting and using sepengatahuan owned facilities and institutions without permission from the competent authority. 
  • Do not drive a vehicle on campus, to a place that is not provided for this purpose. The vehicle must be placed on a regular basis in place that has been provided. 
  • Not cause unrest in the campus or campus wear as a venue for practical politics. 
  • Not doing immoral deeds. 
  • Do not have or carry, store, trade, distribute and use the liquor / drugs / narcotics and the things that lead to pornography. 
  • Not conduct or transact in any form that leads to gambling. 
  • Do not bring firearms / weapons except security personnel and members of the student regiment was on duty. 
  • Do not fight in any organized activities. 
  • Do not do things that lead to criminal activity. 
  • Do not carry or use personal property is not related to intra- or extra-curricular activities on campus. 


Any student can be penalized for violation of the order / other provisions deemed necessary. Sanctions are determined and issued by the Rector, in the form of: 

  • Verbal and written warnings. 
  • Revoked his right to attend lectures / responsiveness / lab / assignment / exam for the course within the specified time. 
  • Should not follow the intra / extra-curricular for one semester or more. 
  • Dishonorably discharged 
  • Other sanctions as deemed necessary. 


  • Students can follow the lectures in a course with the following provisions: a. Registered as a UB student, b. Registered for the course, c. Not revoked his right to follow the activities of the study. 
  • Student participants are prohibited from leaving the college lecture hall lecture took place without the permission of immersion teaching. 
  • Students are prohibited from smoking in the lecture hall during the course progresses. 
  • Students are prohibited from making a scene and noise during the lecture. 
  • Students must follow all curricular activities (lectures, responsiveness, lab, assistance, etc.) in accordance with the schedule in question, or repeat. 


approach used in the standardization of student absences are thinking student participation in the learning process in the classroom, students should follow the learning process with the following provisions: 

  • Attendance is not related / not affect the magnitude of the value. 
  • Attendance only affect the eligibility of students to participate in UTS and UAS, as seen from student attendance to 80% of the total planned face to face as a condition to follow the UTS and UAS. 
  • Lecturers are required to roll directly, without delegated to one of the students 


  • Students can get college dispensation when there is activity permit letter issued by department head at least. 
  • Sick with original license includes up to 1 day after the doctor dated the permitted limit. 


final course assessment results with the letter expressed Quality (HM) and quality score (AM) as shown below: 
Letter Quality Quality Score 
A 4 
B + 3.5 
B 3 
C + 2.5 
C 2 
D + 1.5 
D 1 
E 0

Weight of a course assessment activities are determined by material balance activities with the overall course material in one semester. Calculating Value figures done by giving weight to any lectures in the semester by using the formula: rumus_20110402012116


  • Excluded from the lecture hall when the lecture 
  • Not permitted to attend classes for one semester or one year 
  • Other sanctions as deemed necessary 


Each student will take the test (UTS & UTS) must meet the following requirements:

  1. Officially registered as a student for the current semester. 
  2. Has qualified academic administration bersankutan.
  3. Have followed a minimum of 80% of lectures given by faculty, unless students obtain the CCN-P permit is recognized as a long lecture with appropriate permission CCN-P. 
  • Each student in attendance <80% were given an underscore in its name in the attendance list and should not follow the test unless the prior written permission of the lecturer of the course.
  • Each student must check the level of attendance and contact faculty via Synergy concerned if its presence is <80%. 
  • Mandatory Coming tapat delay time and for any reason, up to 10 (ten) minutes, and the student must bring a current KTM and KRS trials. 
  • Must be well-dressed, shod and polite 
  • Forbidden to wear sandals, shirts without collars, jackets / sweaters, activate the phone and smoking in the exam room. 
  • Forbidden to go out of the room before handing the paper work to the supervisor in the exam room. 
  • Bags, books, calculators, paper in under the table to be placed in front of the exam room unless it is open book. 
  • Not allowed cooperation, communication and lending and borrowing of all types of stationery with fellow participants. 
  • Must sign the attendance list and fill in the data on the sheet of paper exam work. 
  • Must immediately submit papers after the exam work exam time declared ended. 
  • Students are not allowed to bring home a sheet of questions and answer sheets. 


Admission Practicum 

  • Students sign up manually to the laboratory 
  • bring a color photograph 3 × 4 = 1 sheet 
  • Students get lab module and LTO (Practicum Participant Card) 
  • Practical implementation assisted teaching assistant 
  • Practical implementation is done in the classroom or lab 

Practice reports 

  • Each experiment was passed by the implementation of a teaching assistant 
  • Endorsement by the LTO Assistant Coordinator 
  • Approval of the report by the lecturers (scoring) 
  • Knowing the Chairman of the Laboratory 

Students who pass the lab can be issued a letter satisfied 

  • Practical Value = 50% + 50% = the value of assistant 
  • Letters satisfied valid onwards 
  • student does not pass the lab can not participate SP (Semester Short) 
  • Letters satisfied applicable onwards, but if the student repeat the practicum taken the best value. 
  • A passing grade of at least C lab (56) 
  • Do not pass the lab did not pass kulilah (E) 
  • The weight value of practicum at least 30% of the final grade. 

Implementation regulations 

  • Praktikan should dress smartly and bring the current module lab and assistance 
  • Praktikan late maximum of 15 minutes during the practicum and assistant unless approved by the faculty. 
  • Deadline assistance 3 × 4 hours (working days) after the practical implementation and assistance required to provide assistance schedule. 
  • Practitioner must have completed the module and task upon assistance. 
  • Each lab may hold assistance after hours of practicum 

Sanctions Practicum 

  • Late as practicum and assistance penalized 1 point 
  • Not participate assistance 2 points 
  • Not task 1 point. 
  • Not participate lab 1 time considered aborting themselves unless approved by the lecturer. 
  • Praktikan got 3 points considered to resigning. 

Damage the tool required to replace. 

Guidelines for Implementation of Education at the Department of Information Systems refer to the Guidelines for the Implementation of Education Program Information Technology and Computer Science (PTIIK) UB. Documents can be downloaded via the following link: