Aryo Pinandito, S.T., M.MT. Koordinator KJFD

  • FILKOM UB, Jl. Veteran No 8
    Gedung A, Lt.1, R. A1.1
  • aryo [at] ub [dot] ac [dot] id

I have strong knowledge and expertise in application and database programming (OOP, C#/C++, PHP, RDBMS MySQL, and Java Platform), web environment (Content Management System, Web Development, Website and Database Analysis, Database Management and/or Administration). Analyzing, designing, and implementing application, database, web application are my passions and each new creative challenge presents another opportunity for improvement. I am also fluent in most industry standard C#/C++ programming application (.NET), internet/online application, and multimedia. As of Software Development Life Cycle, which is a fundamental knowledge in Software Engineering, is a must-knowknowledge that I posses as I complete my Master degree. Other than that, I also have high fluency in
Relational Database Management concept and coding in most RDBMS engine.

Jurnal Internasional

Tolle, H. , Pinandito, A., Jonemaro, E. M. A. , Arai, K. 2015. Virtual Reality Game Controlled with User’s Head and Body Movement Detection Using Smartphone Sensors. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2015 vol. 10, Issue 20, pp. 9776-9782

Prosiding Internasional

, 2016. RouteBoxer Library for Google Android Platform.
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Pinandito, A. , Yudistira, N. , Pradana, F. 2013. Web based implementation of travelling salesperson problem using genetic algorithm A Comparative Study of Python, PHP, and Ruby. , Proceedings ISBEIA 2013, pp. 437-442. 2013 IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering and Industrial Application. Kuching, Malaysia , Sep 2013. Malaysia : IEEE Malaysia Section

Pendeteksian Pergerakan Pengguna Menggunakan Sensor Core Motion pada Perangkat Bergerak iPhone Sebagai Pengendali Virtual Reality 3D

Researchers: Aryo Pinandito, Herman Tolle , IMAM SOFI`I, Asfarina

Enkripsi data SHA 1 pada system embedded

Researchers: Setyawan, G.E., Pradana, F., Pinandito, A.
Penelitian Eksperimental dengan Bidang Penelitian Enginering dan Technology
2013. Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Keuangan Akademi Kebidanan Wira Husada Nusantara.
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Kusyanti, A., Indriati, Wardhono, W.S., Pinandito, A.
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Jun 2014, Open Dialog Pakar Ekonomi dan Kedokteran dengan dosen PTIIK UB. Ruang A1.4
Dec 2013, Workshop Roadmap Penelitian PTIIK . PTIIK
Nov -0001, Nokia X Workshop . Hotel Santika